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aboutIf you planted a kernel of corn what would you expect to grow?  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a farmer to answer that, do you?  One of the wonderful things that God set in motion when He created the world was the principle that seeds produce after their kind. In other words, a kernel of corn produces corn, a tomato seed produces tomatoes, and an acorn produces an oak tree.  Imagine the confusion if that wasn’t the case.

God’s word is likened to a seed (Luke 8:11-15).  If the word of God is planted into the proper kind of heart it will produce something.  Produce what?

Read in the book of Acts the numerous accounts of the word being planted in the hearts of honest, truth-loving, humble people, and you will see that the “seed” produced just Christians.  What if one took the same word today and planted it into the same kind of heart.  What would it produce?

That kernel of corn will produce just corn, further, it will produce just that variety of corn.  To produce even another variety one must plant a different seed.  God’s word produces just Christians; it does not produce varieties of Christians.

God’s word produces just Christians.  Different seeds produce different plants.  So, if something different “comes up” it is obvious that something different was “planted” or taught.

We seek to be “just Christians” that which you can read about in your New Testament.  The Bible only, makes Christians only.  We hope that you are searching for New Testament Christianity.  If you are, come visit us.

We seek to follow what the Lord has directed His church to do and be.  In our work, worship, organization, and teaching we want to do no more than what a “book, chapter, and verse” authorizes.

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